Photograph ... "The Cheongdam studio pursues more than that"

A pioneer in wedding photography.
CEO Lee Sang Hoon from Cheongdam Studio has been proven that "Old Town is a masterpiece."
It is no exaggeration to say that the wedding market has been in the spotlight for over 20 years.
After 30 years of working with his father, he was able to take photographs naturally from his childhood.
Influenced by his father who has run wedding studio for over 30 years, he was able to take pictures from his childhood. Now he has inherited the business and became one of a senior member of leading the wedding studio businesses in Korea.

CEO Lee Sang Hoon, leader of wedding industry in Korea.

The reason why Lee Sang-hoon is attracting more attention is that of the business aspect that leads the wedding market through various businesses related to wedding photography as well as the photographer's appearance as a businessman. He has been at the forefront of multiple institutions and organizations related to weddings.

In 1997, he created the "Association of Wedding Photography Representatives" to raise friendship among wedding studios and to raise its status. After ten years, he prepared overseas marketing business, and now he has been working in Seoul, the head office, and branches located at Jeju, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Wedding industry is steadily evolving

As the wedding market is evolving and the consumers' consciousness level of photographs continues to increase, so as to fascinate customers by developing a variety of new conceptual products that are competitive, Lee Sang-hoon is always fighting to escape the practical limitations of prices and products.
The development of the wedding industry has now replaced his enthusiasm for a lifetime as a wedding photographer. Isn’t his pathway beautiful?
- The monthly wedding 21


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